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No politics today; today my thoughts are fixed upon the hard road I am travelling upon. My shoulder hurts quite badly again today and I have to get set up for physical therapy which depresses and aggravates me. Work is killing me, the atmosphere here is hostile, uncertain and constantly shifting around and it is getting difficult to force myself to get out of bed and make the hour commute everyday. I have had no news on what is happening with my house for more than a week and that is really starting to wear on me.

Had a fight with Kim yesterday and I was unwarrantably mean. Thanks to work, the house and relationships other than mine and hers I have been in a bad mood since January and although I want desperately to snap out of it, I cannot seem to get there.

I feel like an idiot most of the time these days, and like so much has gotten so far out of my control, like I am in some kind of tail spin. I am not typically at a loss for determining the next step, the next path that leads where I am trying to go, but for now, I feel distinctly that way.

I suppose all I can do is give these feelings up to the universe and pray that things get better.


Written by jamesjanus

May 4, 2010 at 1:40 pm

Posted in Love, Uncategorized, Work

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