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When I was growing up there were a few spots in town and a few nearby towns where I thought the residents must be rich, certainly far better off than me.  Clearly, Grosse Pointe was on that list, in fact anywhere along Jefferson avenue, near the water. I wondered constantly what it might be like to live in one of those places, what it was like in the houses.

This weekend I signed a lease with Kim on a big, beautiful house in Harrison Twp, not two miles from where I grew up, now I will be living in one of those areas that I wondered so much about when I was growing up. For myself I am thrilled about the kitchen, Kim loves the house overall and the master bedroom. The boys of course will benefit from being in a neighborhood, near the beach and hopefully having other kids to play with, not to mention the school district.

The grocery store that worked at from the age of 16 until 18 or nineteen is just around the corner from the house and we will do our shopping there. I am excited about being closer to our family and friends and in a very familiar area. I am also elated that Kim and I finally get a place and chance to start fresh, start settling things down and putting everything in proper place, a place that has never belonged to anyone in our own lives, but us together, someplace that is truly ours.

Currently my levity is a suppressed by a troublesome cold, while in a coughing fit this morning I slammed into someone on the freeway. The poor girl was very distressed by the accident, so much so that she thought she hit me and that the person who slammed into her had driven off. That gave me pause, I wish I could say I didn’t think about taking off right then. But alas, I stayed and took my ticket. It took forever for the police to get there, in the mean-time an old black man driving a CVS Pharmacy van stopped, apparently they work with the police to gather information and relay it to dispatch when they come across accidents. Isn’t that wild?

Well, back to work I guess.


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June 14, 2010 at 6:47 pm

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