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Tired, sick and really too busy to be either; but I would rather have stayed in bed with my lady this morning than do pretty much anything, much less drive an hour to work.

The heart, mind and body agenda’s are all so full right now. Responsibilities and projects keep piling up at work, which ultimately is a very good thing, provided I actually accomplish all of it.  Kim and I are talking vacation destinations, which is fun and I hope we can pick a place and plan it out, I really want to travel with her, get away from our daily lives and see someplace cool, do some fun stuff.

We are also talking about marriage, which is exciting, though I don’t think she believes I think so.  I put the date out there a little farther than perhaps she wants. I have said it is because it the one place I am traditional, but I realize this morning that that is not really accurate, even if true. The reality is that I place great importance on the process, the rituals involved and what each of them says, the pace, the rings you choose, the way you propose, the ceremony all speak to who you are as a couple and as individuals and set the tone for your life together. Ritual, is incredibly important to me. I want to do it right, all of it, the right way, not at the expense of doing it at all, but I would like to take the time to do it the best we can. She is important enough to me to want to take the time, in this process and the rest of our lives to get it right.

Anyway, that is my gushing for the day. We are also packing to move, started that in earnest last night and I have an upper respiratory infection that is killing me, I am exhausted. I wish I could afford a day off of work, I could use it.


Written by jamesjanus

June 17, 2010 at 2:20 pm

Posted in Love, Work

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