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It Was Total Déjà Vu

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This has all happened before, and it will all happen again….

Mysterious universe

Deja Vu; while a strange phenomena, is a very familiar feeling to me. It happens so often that I have at times used it as a compass, a sort of sign from on high that what is happening is right or necessary. guided by forces greater than myself. It happens so often that upon reading the question I struggle to pick out a particular instance. I find in fact that I should probably speak about a few of them if I am to create a clear picture of my relationship with Deja Vu. I know that for some people it can cause a similar phsysiological reaction to anxiety during the moment of recognition. This is not exactly the case with me, although I have that moment of recognition and my body heats up, my mind gets excited, I am familiar enough with it that I immediately accept the occurance and just move on through the experience.

I have experienced frequent Deja Vu since childhood and it has come to lead me to readily accept and form friendships and romantic relationships. I recall that one of the best jobs I have ever had came with many Deja Vu experiences, including the first time I entered the building. I had applied for the job through a contract agency and the day came when I was to go for my interview. I dressed in a suit and drove to the company, I had alot riding on getting the job as I had been out of work for nearly two months. From the moment I entered the reception area, I was at peace and my mind was flooded with familiarity, the first half hour I was there was an experience I was reliving and not a new experience. The place, the conversations, the man who would be my boss were all already familiar to me, which I took as a sign that the job would in fact be mine and I would excell there. I felt that it was ordained by the universe. I was hired and remained with the company for 5 years, it was to date my most challenging and rewarding position.

In like kind, I started dating my fiancee last year and one evening when I went to visit her at her house, it happened again. She lived in an old farm house that I know I have never been in before. It was a very cold night, the house was dimly lit and we were talking, I was in her kitchen grabbing a couple of soda's for us from the fridge while she sat on the couch and suddenly I felt that I was reliving a memory, again for the next 15 or so minutes everything that transpired felt like walking through an event that had happened before. This was again taken as a sign that I was on the right path in being with her.

I consider myself something of an intellectual, certainly very bright, but not afraid of the mystical or the blending of science and mysticism. I have read Jung and his thoughts on such things as well as more empirical minded scientists, but I find in my own head and in anything I have read on the subject a lack of satisfaction when it comes to the explanations for how and why Deja Vu happens. There are some questions that are traps for those of us who are so strongly driven by information and curiosity and I suppose at some point I decided this was one of them, so I released concern for why or how this phenomena occurs and just learned to accept that it does.

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September 8, 2010 at 3:25 pm

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