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It’s good mornin y’all time to get up and go to work!

I am finding it difficult to get up at the ungodly early hour that I am supposed to for work; this hour is necessary if I am to put in a full 8 hours and get back in time to greet the boys when they come home from school. While I do find that I am exhausted in the mornings, this has always been true, so I do not think it is lack of sleep. It is true that I find it hard to leave the woman in my bed, that is I find it much more appealing to wrap myself around her and hold her or, is in the case of this morning, have wonderful sex with her. That said, I typically have had the discipline to force myself out of bed and start my day in spite of tiredness or notions of pleasure. I blame instead a dissatisfaction with my job and more to the point the commute, which is 45 minutes at best and often well over an hour. Today I fought to keep my eyes open and remain alert as I hurled myself along the freeways to work. I feel as though I am stuck in thankless position that is typically unchallenging and will bring no greater reward than a paycheck, that it is unecessary to be in the office everyday and I am wasting time, energy and massive amounts of gas to appease boss’s at a place where I am under-appreciated. It gets harder all of the time to keep coming here and it is exaggerating my already acute dissatisfaction with my career in general. I am praying that I get a call from IBM asking me for an interview at the very least.


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October 7, 2010 at 6:56 pm

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