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Sexy, Sexy Kim

Kim's Sexy Legs


There are certain subjects, certain statements that I have always shyed away from, even in my writing because they seem or could seem shallow and I have endeavored to avoid the appearance of being a shallow person. That said, I am forced by the thrill and the thought of this weekend to unleash a little on at least one of those topics, to riff, to write to speak my heart and since it is indeed in my heart I feel that perhaps to call my thoughts shallow is to judge too harshly. There I go, defending myself already and I haven’t even put it out there yet.
The women I have been with throughout my life have all been attractive, at least to me and I would dare say that objectively and to the rest of the world this was true. That said, in spite of however they may have been when they are alone with me or how attractive they were, I have grown accustom to being with the woman who is dressed down for the occassion or dressed rather conservatively, largely due to insecurity or since I have a preference for woman with curves, because they felt it more appropriate for their body type. If other people were drawn to them it was because of their actions or their personality and had little to do with their apparent sexuality or with impeccible elegance or distinctly sexy manner of their attire. I have always wondered when in public, what it is like to be that guy, the one with the date that everyone is looking at and no where more than costume parties. My ex-wife was downright frumpy when it came to costuming, though typically fun there was seldom sexiness or elegance in her outfits.
I have known with Kim for sometime that she can wear the hell out of elegant clothing, business casual clothing takes suits her well and she selects it well and when she wears her business outfits, her height and beauty elevate the outfit itself to some other level that both more sexy and elegant than the “genre” makes it sound. It was one such outfit that made my attraction to her undeniable.
This weekend, she wore a fairly short skirted Red Riding Hood outfit to a costume party (I of course was the Big Bad Wolf) and holy, fucking shit, those long, long gorgeous legs sticking out from under that skirt, further accentuated by the hot black high heels, along with the rather open and revealing top, she was stunning and from the store to the party, wherever we went she was a hit with the gentlemen. I was that guy at the costume party with the tall, gorgeous blonde in the sexy outfit.
What is it like to be that guy with the incredibly hot blonde in the sexy outfit? I am not a shallow person and it isn’t that I wasn’t proud to be with my ex wife, her personality on the right night could make her the life of the party and as I said, she was attractive. It isn’t a reason to be with or not be with someone. That said, it was a thrill that I am still feeling. I always think Kim is sexy and it catches me at moments that sometimes she might find bewildering (wild hair and sleepy eyes in the morning etc..), but that night, every time I saw her it stirred something in me, I was struck with a cartoon hammer on the head and it focused my every thought on how fucking sexy she was and I am not referring just to her long delicious legs sticking out of her skirt, or her lucious ass, but her face, her hair, her eyes..the outfit and the mood just made all of it come racing to your attention. She was the best looking woman there, for sure. I couldn’t then and cannot now stop thinking about how gorgerous she looked. It was thrilling to see the attention she got, compliments from the women, the men openly staring at her, complimenting her and even pawing at her.  I couldn’t wait to get her home and bend her over in that costume, I HAD to have her as soon as I could.
On top of that, beyond looking so sexy, she was, as she typically is, fun! Drinking and dancing with the ladies and flirting with the boys and being sexy and sweet with me. I know that it must seem shallow but, it was all a great gift to me and while certainly not the biggest reason by a long shot it is all part of the reason she is the woman I love with all of my heart. So, without shame or apology let me say: I AM WITH A CRAZY SEXY, HOT ASSED, LONG LEGGED, TALL, BEAUTIFUL BLONDE and it makes my heart pound and sets my chest on fire to think about.


Written by jamesjanus

October 11, 2010 at 3:48 pm

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  1. wow, ok, we got it.




    October 11, 2010 at 4:26 pm

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