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I have worn so many faces
Been called by so many names
So long and hard my journey
Searching for myself among
The rubble and the road
I have taken shelter in the
In the hearts and flesh of
Lovely muses as I’ve gone
Lonely on my journey
I knew they weren’t forever
So i traveled on
Falling to my knees upon
Frozen roads and desert floors
I wandered into temples
Begging gods to give me a home
Then one day I found her
Sleeping in my arms
I told her I’m a monster
She shook head and just said no
She peered right through my armor
Her heart is not a hotel
Her heart is not a temple or a throne
Her heart is where I live now
I am finally home
I found myself where she was pointing
Somewhere locked inside my soul
Mo Anam Cara
Our journey is just beginning
We can carry in together
Our hearts connected we are always home.

I love you woman…thank you and thank the divine and beautiful for you and your golden home.


Written by jamesjanus

May 23, 2012 at 4:30 pm

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