Reports from the Bunker

the only complete man in the industry

For future reference and a little fun bio of embarassing moments

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my younger stepson:

Shit his pants at school, removed his underwear and threw it in the trash

Was playing hide and seek with his dad and got his nuts clipped by a mouse-trap that was hidden behind a chair

While nursing a tummy injury, fell once and busted his ass on the stairs, then later that same night, feeling better ran across the floor, slipped, fell and landed on his ass again

Watched a show about blood hounds, decided to pretend to be one, stuck his ass in the air and dragged his face all over his grandma’s carpet, giving himself horrible rug burn and left his face all scabbed up two days before school photos.

He is hilarious sometimes


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October 12, 2012 at 2:50 pm

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