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Things to consider about guns, mental health and the light of the universe (notes)

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The constitution provides the right to bare arms, and provides that “congress shall pass no law…”

Gun restriction or prohibition laws ought to be by necessity a matter of Amending the constitution

We have an psychologically immature congress has too much idealogy while being bereft the of maturity and the intellectual ability to pass simpler legistlation and so will not be able to pass any constitutional amendment


Any other legislation passed, the Supreme Court has said time and time again will be struck down if brought to them. Therefore, the frenzy of paraniod certainty by gun owners that the government will take their guns away would be laughable, if the ramifications were not tragically clear; when it comes to this subject, reason is hardly applicable.


By way of the unspoken social contract that binds human beings together as a society, this should not be necessary though. Concessions when it comes to weapons and munitions whose sole purpose is to mortally wound other human beings should be happily provided for in the interest of protecting each other. What is more, to suggest that any weapon not clearly intended to be used for hunting is designed for anything other killing people is either delusional or shamefully dishonest.


The vast majority, of even severely mentally ill people are not dangerous. However, it is truth that our society finds it hard to swallow that all dangerous people are mentally ill. No stable human being, with serene and unstressed mind kills other people.


Given all of the guns in the world, of any type, size or caliber and unlimited ammuntion,  I can safely say today that I would never kill anyone. I will never walk into a public place and start killing random people. In my current mental and spiritual state, I am not likely to kill anyone, period.


Today, 1 in 17 Americans have a serious mental illness, 1 in 5 of those are not insured and have limited or no access to medicine and treatment


It is by logical reason that we see the vast majority of those whom argue against gun regulation as deeply unstable an potentially mentally ill, which makes me nervous for them, and everyone else.


Before doing any of the following, we should all be made to carry and review this list 


While we rant on about the evils of socialist universal medical coverage

Classify and slander our poor as degenerates, profligates and criminals looking for undeserved handouts, saying so to speak “let them eat cake”

while we continue to treat behavior borne of untreated illness by locking up the afflicted and calling them monsters and animals

Every time we argue in favor of reserving the right to kill another human being

Whenever we find ourselves making idle threats from paranoid fear that someone might take our precious guns away

Every time we speak with violence

When we embrace the ever present and seemingly benign idea that some(one) MUST win and others MUST lose


Guns will not resolve or prevent incidents like Sandy Hook, though restrictions may curb them, that will not end it either. Universal access to a far better than present mental health system will go the farthest, but tragedy and violence will continue on for as long as we embrace violence and reject our own culpability. These recent tragedies and many, many more like them are a natural consequence of not only our collective actions and inactions, but the very culture, religious practice and idealologies that we practice daily. In short, these are the random and unstoppable acts of monsters that couldn’t be avoided, these are consequences and they are early, light consequences compared to what will be in the future.


I have spent the last many years sweeping and cleaning the streets on the road between God and myself, then listening, listening with my heart, my soul and my mind. I read no bible and consult no preacher and I do not care to. I know nothing of God that anyone else has told me and I know no more today than I did when I was a very young child, but I understand today in ways I could never have understood before. God has been speaking to me on this matter for some time.  I am only telling you this because I want it to be understood where I am coming from.  Here is what I have been shown, in my mind and my heart.


  • First, God is love and that which is love, is God, that which is not love is not God and gets in our way.
  • Not working to ensure that everyone among us is at least healthy and cared for is not love, cuts us off from God and renders negative consequence
  • God is not Violence and is not with us in it! Whenever we embrace violence by reserving the right to it, contemplate and plan for it or conduct it, we are walking alone, not with each other and not with God. No matter how just the cause may be, violence is not love and violence is not God. Rather than imagine God is with us, or praying that we will be kept safe or win, when we go to conduct violence in war or elsewhere we should pray for forgiveness and a return to the light as soon as possible. We should pray we can live with the consequence that it will render for us, invidually and as a collective people.



Some years ago I read something from Buddhism that suggested our very way of life, the competitive, capitalist culture, the notion that there must be a winner was itself violence. I laughed and shrugged it off as foolish. Today, I am entirely ashamed of my ignorance, as I have been shown that this culture of winners and losers is the very birthplace of violence and indeed all malevolence.


We will go on “winning and losing”, “pushing and shoving”, “having and not having”, but let us do so with a sense of clarity; Violence like Sandy Hook and Aurora should not be ascribed to abstract Devils, or a singular evil monster, we must accept that the blame is collectively ours.  God challenges us to be honest and shoulder the burden of guilt even as we continue to embrace exclusion, prejudice and greed, arguing against providing everyone care, equal rights and opporunity and continuing to reserve the right to shoot each other while stocking up on the weapons to do so.




Written by jamesjanus

February 15, 2013 at 9:41 pm

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