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Why is there such violence in the bible, and in God’s name? 

I understand this, because even as I write these words, about peace, harmony and love, about a god that desire openness, forgiveness and brotherhood; I feel the frustration and desire to provide you with consequences that are severe and tangible; to tell you that you ought to be food, given the way humanity behaves toward each other sometimes, it would seem in my mind that you would serve a much higher purpose as food. 

But these are my thoughts and not god’s and the truth is that they are merely my desire to control and to run the show, to ensure as (in my ego) only I can that you will do as god wants.  

Of course, the other truth is that there are consequences and though they sound light and simple, there is not much that could be more severe. It is unfortunate for us westerners that Buddha and Lao Tzu did a much better job in uncovering and articulating those consequences; in short you can either walk as god wills and upon the path of peace and joy or be violent and miserable. 


Written by jamesjanus

May 21, 2013 at 4:37 pm

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