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The racist tendancies of fear and cowardice

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For all of its reputation as a cowboy state of independance and rugged living, there is a yellow streak as wide as the Colorado river that runs through the state of Arizona. They aren’t alone either. While in the last 15 years the brown skins of the lower America’s from Mexico to Chile have been the favored whipping post of xenophobes here in the USA, frothy mouthed and mean dimwits like Lou Dobbs have put a spotlight upon our dark skinned latino friends. Lou has brought them to focus and taken to informing every paranoid hillbilly, malcontent and fuzzbrained ball of rage that it is the endless wave of legal and illegal immigration by these people that is at the heart of every problem we have, from economy to terrorism and even disease.

Already a bastien of anti brown racism it would seem Arizona has taken him at his word and have been waging a sort of war against Latinos. The truth not shared between Lou and the bandwagon of anti immigration loonies, the one that they catch sometimes in the corner of their eye and keeps those in their ranks with a sliver of decency and intellect awake at night is that their crusade is nothing more than than the behavior of bullied children passing their beatings down to the next weakest animal. Somewhere in the night and deep in their muddled brain they know the real problem is with much stronger people and institutions and that they are simply to weak and dimwitted to do anything about it. For unknown reasons this does not curb their thirst to take action against someone, anyone.

At least with maniacs like the Hutaree here in Michigan their rage is pointed in a less cowardly direction, they may be angry for the wrong reasons..and way out to lunch mentally, but they fear not the powerful. What would happen I wonder if bands of armed lunatics and angry western idiots stopped picking on the government and immigrants and turned the full tidal and considerable force of their combined insanity on bullies like Goldman Sachs and Exxon? That would make for interesting times indeed.


Written by jamesjanus

April 24, 2010 at 6:27 pm