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Chaos and Loathing

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Life is predictable in its chaos; Once again it has interfered with my plans. I was starting a high protein diet to bulk up and put on more muscle mass. On Monday, I reached for something on my desk and felt (and heard) a terrible crunch followed by a pop. My rhomboid muscle in my right shoulder spasmed and knocked rib out of place, which in turn pushed my shoulder out of place. My chiropractor cousin says I am in for weeks, if not months of physical therapy and won’t be lifting weights any time soon.

Thank god for Kim, my sweet angel, I have been in horrible pain for the last few days and she has taken good care of me even while feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and depressed.


In Other News


As a country we are once again divided along party lines on another issue, this time an economic reform bill designed to prevent another great recession and drag Wall St kicking and screaming back to reality. The majority of the language in the bill is from Democrats so of course the Republicans are opposed. In the general populace even the poor and lower middle class conservatives are against regulation and reform. This is something I will never understand, this bewildering and seemingly self destructive decision to abandon self interest and come down on the side of a conflict whose agenda is ultimately to your disadvantage.  I suppose it says something that we will choose to divide along ideological lines in this country over class or race. I am not sure exactly what it is that that says, though it sounds like one of those questions without a black and white answer and as I ponder it I wonder; is this our Achilles heal, the great weakness that these sick, depraved, greed-headed monsters in politics and the top 1% of the wealthy  count on to keep us under control? Do they fear not a middle and lower class that is kept divided and busy down in the pit, tearing at each other over “moral” issues blown out of proportion by our masters, kept bloated and on our minds by religious leaders and the media? Are the debates over Abortion, Guns, Immigration and the rest of the little pieces just there to divide us? I don’t know, but I do know that if were united, whoa-ho look out buddy. The upper 1% need to reel in their own greed and stop kicking down the ladder. There is nothing uglier than the lower class mob when they have had enough and have come to collect, just ask the French or the Russians. Not that I am advocating this as it would indeed be ugly, but history does trend this way, the elites get greedy and mean, then eventually the lower classes grow tired of being kicked like mongrels and come to collect. This cycle has ended or changed pretty much every empire, everywhere.

On a totally unrelated note, the gas station down the street from my new residence is a trip, one of the cashiers doles out haiku while he rings you up!


Written by jamesjanus

April 29, 2010 at 12:54 pm